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14th-Jul-2014 11:27 pm - The Malfoy - Granger Heir
ew premiere
This is something that I've already drawn before but just wanted to draw again. :)

Enjoy!Collapse )
19th-Jan-2014 04:09 am - Love and Hate. Always
ew premiere
Feels like forever since I last drew and posted any Dramione Fanart.

Here"s one to start off 2014Collapse )
16th-Apr-2013 06:02 pm - Recipe for Disaster II
ew premiere
So this comic was meant for April Fool's day. I only just found time to complete it though.

I feel kinda proud to have drawn another comic. :]

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12th-Apr-2013 07:16 pm - A Dramione Fanfic Fan Art
ew premiere
Yeah so I just finished reading Vashka's Burning Hunger and got inspired to draw the first chapter.

I feel happy that I at least finished the lines and had more patience drawing the details than usual. But I got lazy when it was time to color it so I just ended up shading the drawing :)

I hope those who've read this particular fanfic would like the drawing :>

Hermione"s Sacrificed to the DragonCollapse )

As usual, comments are much appreciated <3
2nd-Mar-2013 02:29 am - Dramione Comic
ew premiere
Not my usual style. I don't know what made me draw this but here you go.

The most random of things. My very first comic.

Dramione and Potions ClassCollapse )

Comments are always much appreciated <3
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